Cape Cod Hillbilly

Nuisance Animal Control

My name is John Mawhinney and I started Cape Cod Hillbilly in May of 2014. I am a licensed PAC Agent for the state of Massachusetts and operate on Cape Cod and Southeastern Mass. 

PAC Agent - If a property owner cannot resolve a wildlife problem on his or her own, the property owner may contract with a licensed Problem Animal Control Agent. PAC agents act on behalf of the landowner and are constrained by the same regulations regarding capture, release, transport and euthanasia (e.g. animals captured by PAC agents may not be relocated elsewhere, per Massachusetts General Law).

Cape Cod Hillbilly handles the following species: skunk, muskrat, raccoon, weasel, red fox, gray fox, Norway rat, mice, voles, red, gray and flying squirrel, opossum, chipmunk, rabbit, woodchuck, snapping turtle, moles and certain species of bats.

I am also certified in coyote removal which requires additional training and certification by the state.

Although there are no beaver located on Cape Cod proper, I am certified in the use of both the Hancock and Bailey traps.

Being a small company affords me the opportunity to work closely with my customers, providing the most cost effective solutions aimed specifically at their wildlife needs.

I work closely with the USDA and Cape Cod Rabies Task Force in monitoring rabies on Cape Cod and the South shore.

I am a member of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association, a professional trade association representing wildlife control operators across the country.

My hobbies include outdoor activities such as hunting, shooting and fishing. I am also involved in coaching local youth sports. I am an active member of Shawme Fish and Game located in Sandwich, MA as well as a member of the Barnstable County League of Sportsmen.